JUICE JOHN MARKETING: You’re welcome, dairy farmers.

My father is a salesman.  It’s in my DNA.  Juice John can market anything and don’t you forget it.  Here I am driving water sales.

Dairy farmers are hurting, America.  The liberal media is converting the masses to soy, coconut, almond, and even hemp milk-substitutes.  Being a proud American, I cannot stand  on the sidelines.  Here’s Juice John driving milk sales:

Even chocolate milk is under attack from the lamestream media and scientific fact.  Don’t you want to be big and strong?  Don’t you want your kids to be big and strong?  Plant based milk alternatives do not contain any growth hormones, America.  As tasty as your dark chocolate almond-milk is, it’s totally making you look like a giant pussy.

Don’t fight the system. Buy appropriately.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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