WHO ARE YOU TO REVIEW: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale?

I’ve never tried any of the Sierra Nevada beers.  My problems with craft beers:

  1. Too expensive
  2. Usually tastes bad
  3. Steps one and two.

Plusses and minuses


  • I paid $9 for a six pack.  HOLY SHIT.  Do you know how much Busch Light I could buy with $9!
  • It tastes like pure liquid hatred.
  • Leaves strong aftertaste of disaster, hours after drinking.
  • After two beers, you don’t give a shit about how bad it tastes anymore.
  • 7.2 percent alcohol.  After two beers you’re starting to not give a shit about quite a few things.
  • Fills you up like a steak.  It’s like a protein shake with beer in it.
  • Forget all the minuses.  Go buy this beer before we have a problem, motherfucker.

The label reads:  Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale is a big American IPA, perfectly balanced yet full of flavor and aromas highlighting the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone American hops.

Translation:  It’s chocked full of shit that doesn’t taste good, but alcohol was never meant to stimulate your precious pallet.  Drink it, get drunk, and be American.


**If you can’t find Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing Company.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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