NOW YOU KNOW: Druggies and the use of modified sign language.

Druggies and the use of modified sign language. Knowing that shouting out “HEY MAN, WANNA GO SMOKE A JOINT?” could possibly be incriminating, potheads instinctively developed a new form of communication. HINT: No matter what message they’re trying to flail out with their hands, it always means one thing.  Let’s go smoke some more pot.

The Smoke a Joint Sign.

If you had absolutely no idea about pothead culture, this would be a confusing offer.

You want to go blow a dwarf?

The lips are pursed.  Usually the phrase “you wanna smoke a joint” is slightly whispered and the eyebrows are held up to look inquisitive.

The Smoke a Bowl Sign.

Usually requires two hands.  Looks like somebody haphazardly eating with two spoons. Or sloppily sucking two…

Can also be done with one hand.  Looks like a stroke victim blowing a kiss.

The Bong Smokers Sign

You get the point.

All of the marijuana sign language is exactly the same as fellatio sign language.  If somebody makes any of these gestures at you, just be sure to know what exactly you’re getting yourself into — before things go to far.  You’ve been warned.

And don’t smoke marijuana to begin with kids.  Marijuana is a gateway drug in 100% of all hard drug users.  Addictions to drugs like cocaine, heroin, crack, crystal method, and blogging all stem from trying marijuana. You’ve been warned, again.

Drug education is the solution.  You’re lucky I’m here.  Now let’s quickly do the hard drugs.

COCAINE: The Let’s Do a Line Sign.

As plain as the nose on your face.  Just point to it.

HEROIN: The Wanna Shoot Up Sign.

Double tap on your bicep and the message is clear.

CRACK: The Let’s Get a Rock Sign.

The most vivid of all the drug sign language.  You can feel the urgency.

CRYSTAL METH:  I’m not covering it because I don’t want to scab my face up. 


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

2 thoughts on “NOW YOU KNOW: Druggies and the use of modified sign language.”

  1. Wow! You can use facebook to log into anything!

    I’m glad you cover such controversial subjects as this. I would also like to include “knifers” which is popular with the kids on the west coast. The “knifer” would hold two large knives over a flame til they are red hot, then place the pot and burn it between the blades and incinerates. The “potsmoker” then hits the smoke rising through a pipe-like-funnel object, possibly filled with ice and crafted using his/her stoner mentality. The difference from “knifers” and bong or pipe smoking is regulation and pureness. You burn small hits one at a time. The weed is a pure hit too so if the pothead is a snob he need not taste ash as he might if a bong or bowl is hit. This takes two people to perform so in turn the sign language might be misinterpreted as: “Hey would you mind sucking my small dingus while I fluffy two guys?” This must be the worse of all “Let’s smoke pot fellatio signs” because you know you are being offer to smoke with a crafty, snobby pothead and there isn’t much worse then that.

    Again your reporting has proved informational. The reality is I must turn to harder drugs in order to not feel like a faggot. All “knifer” information I do not claim. Google did it.

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