NOW YOU KNOW: How the website deals with “spam.”

I like it when people comment.  That’s so cool!  We’re not in the same room, yet we’re communicating!  It’s fucking magical!

But when you’re just talking to me for your own gain, it makes me feel like a whore!  You don’t really care, you just want to advertise to my massive viewer base!  You just want a piece of my six views a day!

When your screen name is a link to a website selling VCR’s, I will not approve your comment.  I accept your words, but deny your product placement.

And sometimes I’ll allow your comment, just so I can respond back to it.  Then I’ll delete it and post an image of an edited version.

Now you know.

These and future spam examples with be kept in the SPAM GALLERY.
Update:  Spam is kept in the garbage.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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