WHO ARE YOU TO REVIEW: Season Finale: Bell’s Oberon Seasonal Beer?

Should have done the beer review BEFORE the makeup edition of APJ. Oops.

Scouts honor, I am not becoming an alcoholic.  I only review beers.  It’s for the blog.

Seriously, get off my back about it — it’s only once a week.  Sometimes twice.  Three on a rare week.

Public service.  This blog is all about public service.  I don’t make any money off this shit, and it appeals to the absolute highest common denominator and rare kind of person.  Pat yourself on the back right now if you’re reading this.  You’re an individual.

JUSTIFICATION.  This blog is all about the justification of my own shitty actions.

Now let’s review this beer.  I LIKE IT!  It’s not the strongest, but the flavor is very nice.  I don’t know how to describe it… citrusy?  I’m not very good at this reviewing beer thing.  It sits very lightly.  It’s like the Sprite of beers.


  • You could probably drink this all day at a BBQ and eat to your hearts content.  Or discontent.
  • Another MI beer!  We’re super good at making beers ever since the auto industry left us!  Coincidence?
  • I really dig the flavor.  Once again, I wish I had the proper palette to talk about undertones, hints of “blank”, and coffee notes like the real reviewers… but I don’t know what any of that means.


  • It’s seasonal.  I think I could enjoy this throughout the year.  RESPONSIBLY, of course.


  1. Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing Co.
  2. Oberon Ale by Bell’s Brewery
  3. London Style Porter by Arcadia Ales

VERDICT: Recommended, duh.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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