JUICE JOHN MARKETING: Season Finale: FAIL: I can’t market my own website.

Note: If my own visits to my webpage were counted, my views would be tripled.

I’m not that good at marketing after all.  I started off cocky, but I can’t even market my own website.   The stats after one month speak for themselves.

In my defense, this blog is hard to sell.  Hey, do you want to hear some poems that I wrote when I was a teenager?  Hey, do you want to watch videos of me chugging beers?  You want to read an article about druggy sign language?



I thought the poetry was going to bring in views.  Adolescent Poetry Jam was my first attempt at selling out.  Poetry is like catnip for the blogoverse.

Apparently not.  Maybe I’m just not focused.

I want to sell out.  I want hits.  I wonder if diet blogs are popular.

I wonder…

I wonder…



Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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