WTF: has a link to my website.

Two views via link? Still seems like too much.

WordPress offers a very detailed breakdown of my website’s traffic. Among many other features, I can see when people access my website via a link. I saw on the list and was like “what the fuck?” I’ve never been linked by an actual webpage before, any referrers are usually from Facebook or search engines.

Obviously I don't own this image...
The juice of the dingo, an ancient Australian secret.

Being the investigator that I am, I quickly launched the website and got to the bottom of why I’m linked. I found out that Dingo Juice is a supplement that is sold via independent sellers. The website encourages people to order a couple of cases, launch their own website ( and make millions. With Dingo’s Juice you will have enough disposable income to buy a fancy convertible and have random old-timey bags of money lying around!

I own the domain name  I know what you’re saying, “no shit, that’s the site I’m on right now,” but you sir/madam are incorrect.  You’re on  Around the time that I announced the now-pretty-much-defunct John’s Juice Weight Management System, I had grandiose visions of what I wanted to accomplish.  Due to these ideas, I bought the domain name  I’ve just had it referring to my blog, since I haven’t completed that “project.”  That “project” for my “blog” that “I don’t know why I’m doing to begin with.”

Anyways, the point of this post is this.  Don’t be a flipping idiot and buy Dingo Juice.  Wait for me to get some traction on my John’s Juice business and just send me your money.  When this thing takes off we’re talking Jaguars, champagne, bags of money, and straight up good times.



Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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