PITCH: PRODUCT: A microwave that isn’t afraid of a little metal.

Where the hell is science lately?  It seems like they’re all focused on cellphones and GPS-satellite-blah-blah-blah.  We’re not even done with appliances yet.  Let’s look a little inward.

The Dyson guy gets it.  He looked at the vacuum and said “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”  I respect that.  Fuck vacuums.  They suck.

I feel the same way about microwaves.  Where’s the innovation?  What’s the next best thing in microwave technology?

This is a microwave.

Someone needs to invent a microwave that I can put metal in.  I feel like something beyond myself (god?) is driving me on this one.  Also, I grill potatoes wrapped in tin foil.  I would like to eat the leftovers the next day, heating them up quickly in a microwave.  But who has the energy and time to unwrap them?  And as everyone knows, unwrapping a potato prior to heating ruins the locked in flavor.

These are potatoes wrapped in tin foil.

Another example — I make instant oatmeal.  When I stir it halfway through cooking, I sometimes forget to take the spoon out.   Loud noises. Pop.  Everyone yells at me.

Current and future science people, now you know.  A microwave that doesn’t freak out over metal would be really cool.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

3 thoughts on “PITCH: PRODUCT: A microwave that isn’t afraid of a little metal.”

    1. Subhan, I’ve been reading your blog for the last hour and it’s great to know that a thinker such as yourself can find enjoyment out of these odd little thoughts of mine. I’m glad you enjoyed.

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