WTF: Is up with all the hickies?

Apparently the disgusting ear gauges worked out well for him.


I work in the general public, so I see a lot of people.  I notice trends.  Saggy bottoms and flat billed hats with the shiny sticker still on is a style for guys my age and younger.  With women of all ages, the summer trend seems to be short shorts and tight top.  Well played.


But it seems both sexes are wearing the latest fashion: huge disgusting hickies.  What the fuck?  Are we in sophomore year?  Are you and Jaime from homeroom going steady and you must display your love via accumulated blood under the epidermis?  (SCIENCE.)

Why is this happening?  Why am I seeing people with crow’s feet rocking multiple hickies down the side of their necks?  That’s a shitty combination.  I don’t like it.  Please stop.  Everybody, please stop watching vampire shows and being so passionate.  Or at the very least… there are better places to suck.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

One thought on “WTF: Is up with all the hickies?”

  1. i work at a resort hotel in newport beach. i am a concierge so i see a lot of people. for the past year i am seeing an awful lot of couples, middle aged some even in their 50″s
    with their necks just plastered with enormous hickies.

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