NOW YOU KNOW: We’ve been this way forever. There is no hope. There is no end.

“What is this world coming to?”

I remember this question being uttered from my mother’s lips on many occasions throughout the years.  The expression is most often repeated while watching the a.m. news.

On the morning of Friday July 20th I heard the phrase again several times in response to the Colorado theater tragedy. She coupled the statement with “What would possess someone to do such a thing?”

“What is this world coming to?”

I shook my head as I balanced my attention between her jabbering and the news report.  Information was still scarce at that moment, and the various cable news stations all grasped at straws to continue coverage.  Much misinformation was being presented — from the shooter being Indian — to a possible Tea Party affiliation.

I quickly lost interest in the news organizations attempts to fill airtime.  I went to my room and sat at my desk to have a thought.  Through quiet contemplation I came upon an answer to my mother’s often repeated question.

“What is this world coming to?”

The end seems to be the answer for many people, and I’ve been hearing it — and reading it on grocery store tabloids — my whole life.  “We’re living in the end times.” In 2012, this notion was further promoted due to an unfinished calendar left behind by some dead South Americans.

The calendar ends on December, 21st 2012!  The epic finale! Admittedly, there has been some weird shit this year; drug induced cannibalism, mutations, and TomKat breaking up. But a psycho being a psychopath is nothing new.  Men have been murdering men since the dawn of…man.  This world is not becoming anything different; it is as it always was.  There are more seats in the coliseum (cable news, the internet) and better weapons to slaughter each other with, but the violence remains the same.

I can definitely tell you the world is not coming to an end.  That would be too convenient.  That would give us a chance at a new beginning.

“What is this world coming to?”

Nothing.  We’ve been this way forever.  There is no hope.  There is no end.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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