RETRACTION: Mitt Romney will make me love America more than ever before.

Dear readers,

I wanted the both of you to know that last night there was a gas leak in my house or something and the shortage of oxygen led me to I write the previous article.  Let it be known that I do not stand behind anything I said.  I am proud to be an American and I would never leave for some shitty European country like Scandinavia or whatever I said.  I like three things: monster trucks, NASCAR, and Busch beer. I love three things: the Bible, the Jesus, and the Republican party.   Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going to make us all rich and once we’re rich we will pay a lower tax rate, making us all even richer than we would have been!  Prosperity for all!  It makes sense if you don’t question it, which I never would under normal circumstances.  It was like a demon possessed me last night… OMGoodness! I hope that’s not true!  Say prayers for me :)!!!

Also, Mitt Romney believes in the same Jesus as I do.  The Mormon Jesus is the same as MY Jesus.  A liberal nonbeliever (a co-worker, pray for him) told me that the Mormon Jesus wasn’t born to a virgin mother, but instead God came to Earth and literally “LAID” with a lady.  Jesus wasn’t born to a virgin?  LOL nobody would believe that.

If you really care about America you will vote for Ryan/Romney 2012.  Ryan’s tax plan to cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy will benefit us all in the long run.  As George W. Bush (my 2nd favorite Pres after Reagan) demonstrated, trickle-down economics really work!  When rich people have more money, they want to give it all away and make us all rich 🙂 !!!

Once again, I’m sorry for the last article.  I hope I didn’t mislead anyone.

Juice John

P.S.  Chick-Fil-A is my new favorite restaurant now that they’ve publicly opposed gay marriage.  Missouri Representative Todd Akin has a point, nobody gets pregnant from legitimate rape — look at prison!  There is never a reason for abortion!  Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

P.S.2 I also blame the gas leak for all the grammatical errors of my last post.  I will be going through and correcting it as time goes by.  I may not agree with what I said, but I want to say it correctly as I can!  God bless.


Author: JuiceJohn

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