ACCIDENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Crappy pictures with fancy names.

As previously discussed, I’m one of the dozen’s of people who use a Windows Phone.

In my first few months of owning this phone, I clumsily snapped dozens of accidental photographs (I still do, but not nearly as much.) Since my camera is linked up to the cloud (SkyDrive,) I find myself constantly having to delete accidental photography from my account.

I save my best mistakes for this category.  I give the photos fancy names and sell them to you as art.

Humanity: Flesh and Concrete.
By the Hand of the Architect.
Death is Quick.
Lawn you look good, won’t you back that grass up?

The title of the last one is a homage to the hit Juvenile song “Back that Azz Up.”

Did you catch the reference?

I did.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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