NOW YOU KNOW: How to make a profit on Halloween.

This Halloween, I’m doing everything different.  I usually stay in and pass out candy to the kids (and eat tons of candy in the process) but this year I’m going to make some quick cash.  I’m going to dress up as a homeless guy, drive down to Detroit, and panhandle all day.

Halloween is all about dressing up as something you’re not and getting free stuff from strangers, right?   I have enough cavities as it as and can spare a few pounds, so I don’t need free candy – but money – oh yeah, I could always use more.

Anyways, even if I wanted candy and put on a Power Rangers costume and went door to door, people would bust my balls.  “Aren’t you a little old?” they would question.  It’s not socially acceptable for an adult to trick-or-treat.  But people give change to homeless all the time.

This Halloween, I’m going to catch the spirit again.  I’m going to dress up and come home with a pillowcase full of nickels.  This year, I will trick-or-treat the adult way.  The homeless way.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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