PITCH: MOVIE: Jurassic Park Sequel.

I was inspired today when I saw this picture.

“This gives me a great idea for a Jurassic Park sequel.” — Juicejohn.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make a version of Jurassic Park where all the big and scary dinosaurs are gay.  The Christian’s will eat this up — as the only way to make a godless killing machine more godless is to make it gay. (Their opinion, not mine.)

I have assembled a brief scene from my upcoming script.  It’s really too early to be sharing anything, but I am really excited about this project.

Ext. Night. Jurassic Park T-Rex containment area.

Professor Nassyr works frantically to repair the grid powering the electric fence containing nature’s most devastating creation, the gay Tyrannosaurus Rex. He knows that it’s only a matter of time before the creatures test the boundaries of their cells.

Thrashing is heard through the trees, followed by the distinguishable sound of bending metal. Nassyr’s efforts have failed and one of the male T-Rex’s has escaped. The ground trembles as the beast exits captivity and enters freedom.

ROAR! –T-Rex

The entire park wakes from it’s slumber. Moans of panic can be heard from the neighboring dinosaurs. More thrashing is heard, followed by the sound of snapping wires — this time much closer. Then, the other adult male T-Rex responds back.

ROAR! –T-Rex #2

The ground shakes harder and harder around Nassyr. Hesitantly, he turns from the power station and looks behind him — to see T-Rex #2 quickly approaching.

All is lost.
–Professor Nassyr

The T-Rex has Nassyr’s scent, mostly because he shit himself. With every monstrous thump of the beasts feet, Nassyr makes another fleeting plea to God. As the beast approaches, now within 25 feet, the other T-Rex comes crashing through the woods and headbutts the approaching enemy. The two start fighting fiercely. As the battle ensues it becomes gentler. Then — the Rex’s start purring.

What the fuck? T-rex’s purr?
–Professor Nassyr

As the dinosaurs progress into cuddling, T-Rex #2 submits and lifts its tail and ass into the air. Full male dinosaur-on-dinosaur CGI anal penetration begins on screen. Reptile ass being pounded from all angles at 48 frames-per-second.

Oh, that’s just disgusting! No wonder dinosaurs are extinct!
–Professor Nassyr

Nassyr get’s into his Jeep and drives away. The T-Rex’s don’t seem to notice — or just aren’t interested.


That’s just one scene from the three hour epic I have envisioned.  Stay tuned for more details.


Author: JuiceJohn

It doesn't have to make cents.

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